Do you need an adjustment or do you have acute pain? Let our chiropractor examine and help you today!

We deal with acute pain on a daily basis - If you want a treatment from an english speaking chiropractor - call us. However - if you feel fine and just need an adjustment we will help you with that as well! We`re located a short ride from most hotels.


Chiropractic adjustments or massage?

Although the treatment will be similar to what you are used to - Chiropractic in Norway may differ slightly from what you are used to at home. We can refer you to further examinations like X-ray, MRI or examination from a board certified specialist. We also have the option of giving you sick-leave if needed.


What do we do?

Chiropractor: Chiropractic Adjustments.  Exercises (McKenzie Exercises). Triggerpoint massage or crossfriction massage. Chiropractic mobilization. Dry needling (IMS)

Massage therapist: Sports massage. Deep tissue massage. Using Osteopathic techniques (MET – Muscle Energy Technique).

We are located in Stavangergata 44 - Bjølsen

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